The Day of the Children (2016)

For the action The Day of the Children (2016), I arranged for four children aged six to ten to ride in a car through downtown Montevideo, Uruguay, speaking into microphones that were connected to a PA mounted on the car’s roof. I proposed the idea to the children as an opportunity for them to claim space in an urban environment that they experience as exclusionary, and to have their thoughts heard. A driver drove the car around the city for 45 minutes as the children provided a running commentary on their passing surround- ings. On the car’s roof was an LED screen flashing the names of the children inside the car. The children were provided with a video camera to document their experiences from inside the car. Over the course of the exercise, the children repeatedly announced: “After today, everyday will be the day of the children.” I asked them afterwards where the phrase came from. According to them, it originated in the moment.


For video documentation: (password: auto)