Dispensation started with a little plastic geodesic plastic ball I acquired from a toy vending machine in London for 50 pence. I was enchanted with it and began constructing a larger version of it out of black plasticine. The sculpture slowly evolved into a tiny factory manufacturing color out of water. On a shelf placed above the factory there is a glass bottle filled with water, which is transferred through a paper towel via capillary action into a glass funnel. The fluid then drops at a very slow pace into the circular head built in the top of the factory. On entering the black geodesic structure, the fluid undergoes a transmutational process, fusing with various elements, culminating in  the dispensation of different Colors which trickle out from small pipes distributed around the base of the piece. As the liquid evaporates on the floor, nothing is left but the residue of the elements contained within. I view the piece as an intelligent closed system which I constructed, yet no longer have control over.